Release Your Pain

Walk In Your Worth

Be The Change

When we pretend to be more together

than we really are, we miss opportunities

to heal ourselves.

Another person cannot heal you.

Rather you can be guided in re-learning the brilliant rhythm of your intuitive nature.

Welcome to my world, where I am called to guide

women in the awakening of their brilliance.

The work begins in knowing that much of what we hold is not ours to hold onto.

What transformation is beckoning for your attention?

Will you heed the call of your emerging evolution?

Do you want to connect with other women in our community? Are you ready to return to

the brilliant rhythm of our intuitive nature? RSVP to be a part of the Heroines’ journey on

my events page.

"My work with Jessica changed my life. Over the year we worked together I healed a lot of past pain. I learned how to love and take care of myself, seeing that I deserve to create my own life! I no longer rely only on my thinking and past habits to inform me in the present. I have been able to form deeper and richer relationships. I was stuck and now I am free."


"Jessica is one of the most authentic and genuine persons I have met. I thought I had to talk about all the horrible things that have happened to me in my life when I went to counseling. But Jessica guided me in such a gentle way. I learned about my whole self and found I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. I found my unique perspective on life through my work with Jessica. So grateful."


"Jessica has a special gift for leading groups. In my groups I learned how to release pain and stress I did not even know I was holding! I feel empowered by each encounter with her. I have learned how to be my own advocate, set boundaries, and connect to a force greater than myself."


copyright 2017 Jessica Vance

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